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10th-Feb-2011 09:48 am - .relationships; badfic
Name Notes Rating Comment
Dende Namekian boy, Guardian of the Earth ♥♥♥ He's not as annoying as he could be.

Name Notes Rating Comment
Elphaba Green woman Not much to say. Perhaps she's Namekian as well.
Piccolo Namekian, Tall, ill-tempered Hmph. He'd better stay out of my way.
Kuja Weird purple hair, straightforward Strange man...
Sheldon Human Annoying. Kind of want to punch him.

Name Notes Rating Comment
Zarbon Frieza's henchman #1 ♣♣♣ I thought I killed this bastard.
16th-Dec-2010 03:30 pm - .permissions;
uncertain shock over shoulder

G - NC-17. Vegeta has the capability of being age appropriate. But he can also be violent and vulgar. As far as 'icky' things go, that hasn't happened yet, but there's a possibility that it will in the future.

Death is fine. It makes things interesting. What isn't cool is randomly shooting Vegeta in the head, expecting him to die and me be okay with it. Since death is a temporary thing in this game, sure, Vegeta can definitely get killed, but please. Ping me first before it happens.

It really depends on who the other person(s) is/are. Vegeta is a married man and will not go for a woman other than Bulma. Sex is a private matter for Vegeta and he won't just go out and have sex just for the hell of it. I'm definitely fine with writing it out, but whether Vegeta will agree with it or not is a completely different story.

As far as yaoi goes, Vegeta is more than likely Gokusexual, but any other relations with other men will have to be forced and nothing else (which is fine, just ping me first to discuss). Het is with Bulma only, willingly or a-hum, otherwise and Yuri is very much impossible, unless there's a Gender-swapping experiment. He probably wouldn't do that anyway, more so freaking out that he has tits and a vagina. If you want to do a line with Vegeta and try to win his heart/dick then ping me first and we can figure something out. You'll have to try hard. He's tough to crack.

Beware. You're going up against a Saiyan that can destroy planets just by blinking. Fighting is so welcomed, too. Hell that's what this character is. A manifestation of brutal kicks and punches. Ping me if you want to fight him, etc.

Vegeta is not the romantic type, even with Bulma and/or Goku. Any ladies/men that are after Vegeta's heart are welcome to try to win him over, but more than likely, they're going to fail miserably. Ping me if your character is going to try to get at this so that I won't be confused if they're flirting or not.
26th-Nov-2010 12:49 pm - .concrit.
Hows my driving?
Concrit welcomed; comments screened;
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